“Arena” A1, Mixed Media on Card

We are forced to be both the performer and spectator simultaneously 

An analogy of the double edged sword of technologised first world culture, where artificial attachment inhabits every part of our life, and where this “hyper-connection” is both constructive and damaging.

  • A number of different scenarios are unfolding, separate only by circumstance; they are all connected either willingly or otherwise.
  • The figures in the middle depict the harmonious connections, where each benefits the other in a sort of symbiotic relationship with mutual consent. In this circumstance each figure has energy, as if the system is invigorating them.
  • The figures at the bottom right are victims of such a setup. They are bound by and fighting the connections which others have accepted. The “Devil’s Snare” scene from Harry Potter springs to mind with a “don’t fight it or it will strangle you” kind of attitude.
  • The small, doll like beings on the middle and top left are symbolic of the post millennial generations, those of us who have been born amidst the culture of information overload, and know nothing else.
  • There’s an ambiguous figure sitting with its back to us, which could either be a benevolent or malicious entity. It’s almost impossible to know someone through these artificial connections, and that’s part of life now.
  • The beings facing each other are seeking a rare face to face connection, but this connection is weaker and more uncomfortable.
  • The figures on the right are a (possibly generalising?) jab towards the older generation, who cultivate strong human connections, but are unfamiliar with contemporary dynamics.
  • One form faces directly towards the observer, maybe questioning their involvement in this system, maybe turning their back on it.


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