Memoryscape, Valley of The Butterflies

Graphite, A4 sketch, possible preliminary sketch for a larger piece

A drawing based off a variety of documentation I recorded walking through the Valley of The Butterflies in Rhodes. 

Being there without a camera meant that I abandoned the usual route of documenting what is there with the lens and instead used sketches and text: small snippets saying what I noticed, how it smelt or sounded, and what stood out. 

Once I committed to just using text and drawing, I began to piece together a much more wholesome view of things than I would usually get with a camera, despite only having a very limited visual bank. When I relied so much on the camera, I forgot to use my senses or memory, and recall my own perspective. With that in mind this sketch recalls bits and pieces from my walk that caught my eye – this is not an observation, more of a recollection instead.

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