About Me

13th April 1996 – I was born with one of my tiny fists clenched around a mysterious object. The doctors and nurses huddled around me and prised my little sausage fingers apart. It was a fully formed, high quality, 7B sketching pencil.

For some reason I wouldn’t let them take it. It was mine.

I started drawing from an early age, and picked up watercolours outside of school when I was younger, that’s how I got into painting. A lot of the work I create now is with ink, (maybe a hangover from the watercolour days) and I’m constantly looking for ways to push a material to do something new, maybe that it’s not supposed to.
Themes like chance, surrealist notions, dreams, and alternative narratives are woven into my work, and ultimately it’s a curiosity that drives me, and will continue to drive me.

There’s a lot I’m proud of artistically, but it all pales in comparison to my very first achievment, marking the time I was disqualified from my primary school’s christmas pudding design competition upon suspicions of tracing my design off an existing one. It was all me, baby.

Please feel free to contact me, I’m taking my final year of my Fine Art BA at Loughborough School of the Arts, Loughborough University, looking towards a Master’s in the near future.

Thank you

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