“Satellite I Composition”

This piece developed from a preliminary sketch for a potentially larger piece on canvas, but I decided that pastel worked really well for this particular style of work, a detailed style I don’t usually go for. I’ve been gathering satellite imagery from google maps, after noticing the strong tension between the urban grid and the […]

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More Life Drawing

I’ve been really busy lately with workshops and other things so haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, but one thing which has been really useful lately has been life drawing! Being a part of my universities Art Society Committee means I have a good say in what it has to offer, and it’s good […]

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Life Drawing Study – 10 mins

This was the drawing that took the longest, and the rest doesn’t really warrant blogging them so this is all I’m uploading! I attempt to lead the life drawing class (to fill in for someone else) and it was strange to give instructions instead of take them, but I think it worked out half-decent. And […]

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