More Watercolour Experiments: Extraterrestrial Satellites

Carrying on with the use of glue and watercolour, I wanted to use the shapes the glue creates as a sort of template for an expressive, dreamlike image. The type of shape the glue stick created here reminded of something spacey-wacey, something vast in the sky like a galaxy or gaseous planet. So that’s the kind of mood I was trying to create with this. I really enjoy using essentially uncontrollable marks as a starting point…

keywords: glue, watercolour, painting, space, experiment, coloured pencil, wash, planet, mixed media

Watercolour Glue Experiment – Getting Rid of That White Page.

Had a look around the studio and saw my friend using glue and watercolour together. I’ve always liked layering and that process of “building up” a piece in stages so this really appealed to me. (Thanks Jo) So I thought I’d play around on my day off!

Basically just a series of washes with glue after every one for texture. This could make a really good backdrop for a portrait or pen drawing I think, a lot more interesting than just roughing over the background in charcoal.  I personally find it pretty difficult to know where to start when it’s just a blank canvas, so I reckon this could kill two birds with one stone: an interesting, dynamic, textural backdrop and a nice way of relaxing the eye and making it easy to kick off the drawing/painting.

I might even add a couple more layers! Included are some of the stages, the finished scan, and some sections from the final thing.

keywords: watercolour, layers, experiment, wash, colour, glue, resist, texture, background, painting

India Ink Microsculpture Experiments

Accidentally left a spillage of Indian ink out overnight a couple of days back and found out that the dried ink is actually a very versatile and malleable sculpting material! Stretchy like blue tac but much easier to mould and stick together, so I left out some ink last night and began having a go at it. Starting off small so I don’t waste too much ink and so the sculptures don’t buckle under their weight, I played around with simple organic forms, taking influence from Henry Moore and his type of abstract sculptures.

keywords: sculpture, organic, simple, India ink, microsculpture, experiment, study, observation

Finding the Abstraction

Using Photoshop to alter an image to the point of abstraction. Using a photo of the Giants Causeway in Ireland and altering hue in Photoshop to keep relationship of colours. Based strongly on photo but still almost completely non-representational.

keywords: giants causeway, ireland, graphics, Photoshop, hue, abstract, photo, experiment, colour